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Network operation, IT services

Executives no longer think computers, network, application - they think service. The service must function, and if someone cannot make use of it, he or she must be given help as soon as possible. Nowadays virus attacks are commonplace and manufacturers issue monthly emergency patches to be installed immediately, to cover security vulnerabilities. Consequently, a well functioning central server and work station management system is essential.


System monitoring solutions
- Systematic on-site maintenance
- Ensuring continuous operational availability
- With the assistance of the off-site management of the IT system, in the event of an error or alert, immediate intervention
- The continuous reduction of the operational costs of the existing IT system
- Precise and up-to-date hardware inventory
- Telephone availability

Systems based on Microsoft software
- The development and operation of servers and work stations
- The operation of an exchange based mail system, teamwork development
- Configuration and operation of firewalls
- The operation of SQL based databases

Software auditing, licensing consulting
- Evaluation of software value
- The filtering out of pirated software, making the legal status permanent
- Licensing consulting
- Precise and up-to-date software registration

Other security solutions
- Symantec software and hardware security solutions
- The design and implementation of APC interruption-free mains and surge protection
- Symantec-Veritas data protection technologies
- Proximity access system
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